Start Wyoming Limited Liability Company (LLC) with bank account


We help you start your Wyoming LLC in the USA!

There are significant advantages to starting an LLC in Wyoming, USA, such as outstanding limited liability protection, fewer corporate formalities, no income tax or state taxes on business outside the US and anonymity.

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Members and/or directors need never be available on public records in Wyoming.

Using us as your Wyoming LLC registered agent to form your LLC can save you both time and money with services that are fast, reliable and affordable.

NEW: now we also apply for a bank account in the USA for your company completely free!


$399 (Includes all fees, registered address in Wyoming first year)

Second year onwards:

Maintenance of Company/Registered Address – $220
State fee – $50
Automatic Annual Report – $130

For additional options:
Premium Address - $400 (Unique Address, Signed Office Space Lease, Phone Number,  Scan Email)

Each company includes:
- First year registered agent
– Operating agreement and statutes
- Free use of our address
– Documents for opening a bank account
- Meeting minutes
– 5 pages of e-mail scanning
- Confidentiality between client and lawyer (The company is registered via a law firm)
– Document library
- Wyoming Anonymous Business Registry
– & More

Additional services:
– 307 phone number – $190 per year
– EIN / Tax ID – USD 300 (One-time fee, recommended for opening a bank account, selling on Amazon or to be able to submit documents to the IRS)
– Open & Scan Max 10 – USD 170 per year (Unique room number)
– Letters that need to be scanned or e.g. bank cards that need to be forwarded
- Documents other than ordinary documents

What USAbolag.se recommends when starting a Wyoming LLC:
– Initial Cost – $399 as above (Lower annual fee going forward – See “Second Year and Beyond”)
– EIN / Tax Number – $300 (One Time Fee)
– Premium Address – $400  (Annual Fee)

What can you do with your Wyoming LLC?

- Start your Wyoming LLC and start establishing yourself in the American market and thus become a global company.

- Build greater trust among customers and investors by displaying the company's US branch on the website and on business cards.

– Protect digital and physical assets with the help of a Wyoming LLC

- Facilitate for US customers

- If you are going to sell on Amazon FBA in the USA, you need a company in the USA with an EIN number

Do you have a question about Wyoming LLC to see if it is right for you?
Feel free to contact us here and we will help you!

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Start Wyoming Limited Liability Company (LLC) with bank account