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Registering and opening a Wyoming LLC company in the USA is both cheap and smart! Start your USA company today and benefit from a number of advantages of having all or parts of your business registered in the USA. Take part in an American limited liability company with

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Starting a company in the US is among the first steps to becoming a global brand. A company in the USA can also give the Swedish business considerable credibility vis-à-vis customers and investors. It is now more important than ever to divide your business into different world markets in order to cope with crises. All states in the USA offer something unique and we at have chosen to focus on Wyoming LLC company. We can also help you start a business in Delaware and Nevada. These three states are often best suited when it comes to location, how your personal data is processed and how the company's taxation takes place. A Wyoming LLC is suitable for, among other things, consultants and for you who sell products in the USA on e.g. Amazon or own e-commerce. Starting a Wyoming LLC as a subsidiary of your Swedish company or using as a holding company for other American companies, the possibilities are many. Wyoming offers low fees, low taxes (0% for business outside the US) and anonymity with no public corporate registry.

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The US is not a member of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

What does that mean?

Unlike 110 other countries, the US does not automatically share its customers' bank accounts and assets with their home country. What is unknown to many is that America has been and still is one of the world's greatest countries with great advantages for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. The US instead has a system called FATCA, vilket du kan läsa mer om nedan.

What happens with a request?

If your American bank were to receive a request from the Swedish Tax Agency, they will most likely to disclose the necessary information. However, it is worth noting that this information is not automatically disclosed within CRS. We always recommend our clients to follow the laws and regulations where they reside, where the company is registered and from where the business is conducted.

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